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This morning while excitedly participating in the live CNN-Facebook coverage of Obama’s Inauguration Day activities, I happened upon my Facebook friend Brandy Agerbeck, who is a talented graphic facilitator. I asked her if she was going to draw the speech to commemorate it. She said that she hadn’t thought of it at all! She grabbed her paper and pens and went to work. Great Job, Brandy! The result: Obama’s Inauguration Speech. Click link to read Brandy’s accounting of the drawing and conceptual process; and visit her online portfolio. Her incredible talent puts me at awe!

Also, if you are reading this post, I would be thrilled if you would participate in my PLN Inauguration Day Voicethread. Thanks!

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  1.   KB | February 17th, 2009 at 5:59 pm     

    Love this!

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