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Well, It’s finally done. The 21st Century Teacher Blog has served it’s purpose. But now, changing demands and shrinking free services and features have required me to relocate the blog to a commercial host, give it a much needed face-lift to match my own learning and thinking styles, and to reemerge from the ashes like a Phoenix with a new energy, purpose and name: the Divergent Learner blog.

Divergent Learner Blog

I, like many of us in the edublogosphere using Apple Macbooks, am a Divergent Learner that really shines and feels in his own when brainstorming, expanding, imagining, fantasizing, and seeing the big picture before the details. I work best in groups and collaborating. My personal learning network is one of my most cherish resources, both socially and professionally. I am visual and learn best with imagery and colors and shapes dancing around. So everything about this new blog space will reflect me and celebrate right-brain thinking, shaping and honoring.

Divergent Learner is in harmony with Dan Pink’s prediction that we need a whole new mind and that right-brainers will rule the future. The Conceptual Age calls to us. And, we must answer in creative, inspirational, participatory ways — distributed and democratic collective intelligence. But it’s not that easy: the left-brain remnants of society, business, education, politics, religion, family and beyond are still a powerful and counterproductive force that doesn’t serve us well as people, nations, students, educators, business teams, friends or family members. Shifting to the right requires patience, persistence and strength.

For now, I have only migrated by Edublog archives over to the new digs at Divergent Learner. Please update your RSS feeds and social bookmarks to redirect links from the old to the new. The Divergent Learner is back!

Frank Stonehouse Lupo
Divergent Learner

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