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Tim is an Instructional Technology Specialist for a large public school district in Northern Virginia, near Washington DC. He has been blogging for four and half years at AssortedStuff.

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Tim’s Top 10 Tools as at 27 July 2007

  1. MacBook Pro Without a doubt the best, most reliable notebook computer I’ve ever used.

  2. Firefox What else would anyone use?

  3. NetNewsWire - While web-based RSS aggregators are good, I prefer a client program for the speed and greater flexibility, and this is the best.

  4. ecto A great tool for composing, editing, and posting to my blog. It has a few bugs but is still much better than even the WordPress interface.

  5. WordPress - However, this is still the tool running the show and doing an excellent job of it.

  6. Aperture Fast becoming an indispensable tool for organizing my photo collection along with a pretty good image editor for basic functions.

  7. Parallels - For those few times when I absolutely have to use a Windows application

  8. Apple Mail - I don’t care much about email so I want a tool that’s simple and does a good job of filtering the spam crap. Mail is it.

  9. - This is a great tool for keeping track of both what I find on the web and what others have found.

  10. Coda - My new favorite program for building and managing web sites.

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