Jaiku Mash-it-all-up Feed Badge

[kml_flashembed movie="http://static.jaiku.com/images/badge-simple.swf?feedURL=http://metaweb.jaiku.com/feed/badge" width="400" height="400" wmode="transparent" /]

I’m working on this super EduMashup flash badge for my site. It pulls in my twitter (with friends), pownce, jaiku, flickr, fastfm, my blog and social network (META) posts, delicious, any RSS, etc. Only problem? The links are all dead once embedded into my blog here .. DRATS!!! Gotta get this fixed … too cool!

Jaiku allows you to pull feeds into the discussion thread … great for a badge to engage your visitors with a lot of relevant content from multiple sites (your own and your friends). Back to work on fixing this!

Drats! Just learned that Gecko-based browsers such as Firefox do not support links embeded in Flash badges, now that is nasty and doesn’t make any sense. Must be Jaiku’s (Google’s) problem … as Flash with links works in other applications.

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