21CT: Plurknovelas – Fictional digital storytelling with a plurk!twist

I have kicked off the first “Plurknovela” a collective digital story told by Plurkers around the world. Wanna join in the fun? Join in here: Melissa was much older than her …

Be sure to include the word “Plurknovela” at the start of each new digital story so that we can search on them (inside Plurk) and document them in our wikis, social bookmarks and such. I have created a wiki page to collect and share these Plurknovelas. Please add yours too! Plurknovela Wiki. Diigo and del.icio.us users: be sure to tag your Plurknovelas with “plurknovela” and “eduplurk” in your social bookmarking and other sites (see post comment from Claudia for more details).

Also, check out another Plurk! initiative, the Plurk-Book-Talk series. So with Plurk! you can collaborate on a fictional digital storytelling novela with a Plurknovela or discuss a book with P-B-T.

3 thoughts on “21CT: Plurknovelas – Fictional digital storytelling with a plurk!twist

  1. Thanks Claudia .. all the indexing and cross-referencing will make plurkilicious offerings and educational applications more accessible. That is a good thing. The Plurknovelas shall now hopefully be tagged with both “Plurknovela” and “eduplurk.”

    I just checked del.icio.us and the Plurknovela post is the only bookmarked tagged with “eduplurk” … is it the first one? Or am I missing something? Great idea!


    🙂 Frank

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