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I was looking at all some really complex charts on personal learning networks (PLNs); and was thinking how intimidating they must be for those just starting to grow a network. Sometimes simple can be more powerful. After all … All PLNs start with a single connection.

Get Connected!

10 thoughts on “Get Connected

  1. Frank,
    This is an awesome graphic. I absolutely love it. It is so simple and so clear. Thanks for sharing it. I will definitely pass it on and use it (with attribution of course) in future workshops. Love it! Love it! Love it! Thanks for being a part of my PLN.

  2. Saw Liz’s comment on twitter. The graphic does a great job of turning a scary social networking session into one item for conversation and reflection. Thanks!

  3. This is a wonderful blog. When I joined CCK08, the Connectivism course, I wondered if there was a group of educators who were interested in networking around issues related to K12 education. It looks like you have done a great job connecting with bloggers who share a passion for learning and a zeal for life.

  4. Frank, thank you for the excellent KIS reminder! Youi sparked a thought to always keep in mind that many of us tend to forget as we work in the global learning community. I too will ise it with attribution as a way to keep my mind in a KIS focus.

  5. This graphic is great; I’m new to twitter, trying to grow my PLN most via RSS feeds, definitely a lurker at this point; it is intimidating to read the posts of the “heavy weights” in education; I’m a media specialist in a small city trying to help other teachers “get on board” the tech learning train; getting my MA in ed tech has been an eye-opener for me on all that is available (mostly free), just need to know where to look; thanks to you and those on your blogroll that keep sharing with the rest of us – really appreciate it!

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